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Like everything we do, we make things as easy as possible for you, the tax professional. We'll provide the "EASY" button to compliance, while driving tens of thousands of dollars in consulting fee revenue (if that is a goal of yours), if not millions, as we have already done for one client.

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Hi, I'm Tony Bonifacic. As an accountant for 43 years I know cash flow. I've saved millions in Federal Income Taxes for clients this past decade. We are the leader in our industry and by working with the attorneys that won the case against the IRS we know that we provide property owners the optimum ROI.

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It's 2015 and deadlines are here and March and April 15th are not far behind. 2014 is the very last tax year that your clients will be able to reach back and write down those phantom/ghost assets. Plus you will get the security of a FREE independent 3rd party engineering valuation estimate.

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You'll receive the Four Phases of implementation including  the TPR Timeline and Decision Trees we're just a phone call away.  We're here to help!

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Designed as an "Easy Button"  just for you...Let us identify our at risk candidates.

You'll save hours & hours of research using our 16 page  guide full of links & resources to speedily answer all of your important questions. You can also receive our capitalization policy and get access to 3115 templates.

We know what we are doing, we've done it from day one and we've completed over 12,000 studies putting over $2.1 Billion, that's with a B, in our client's pockets. Get the important secrets that will save you time and your clients tons of money while getting totally compliant.


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The IRS is on record stating that "cost segregation is the "certain method" for valuing the thousands of LATE PARTIAL DISPOSITIONS. That's what we's all we do...and we have done it in every state, every industry and for properties of any type or size.. We will save you time and money!

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